A few days ago at my school, they had this “outdoor track meet” thing (pretty much a sports day) and they pretty much make everyone in the lower grades participate.

Speaking of participate, they also give out ribbons in every event. Yeah. Ribbons. I think all the teachers forgot that this is a high school and that every student there is a teenager. It’s funny. They give everyone in an event a ribbon; no matter how well they did.

I never understood why they did that. They even give ribbons to people who got 4th & 5th place. I don’t see the purpose in giving ribbons PERIOD but I really don’t see the purpose in giving ribbons to people in 5th place.

I mean, it’s obvious they’re trying to be nice and stuff, but it’s just no use. Even if you get a ribbon for 5th place, the ribbon pretty much means “You suck” and “Better luck next time. Thanks for participating” and it doesn’t make anyone feel better. It probably makes people feel worse actually. I remember when the whole thing ended, you could find twenty 5th place ribbons left in the bleachers.


Have you ever noticed in stores when a person is explaining how a product works? They’d go on and on and on about it. First you think it’d just be a brief explanation, but they keep talking forever and you wish you can just walk away and say “Hey, I don’t need to hear your hour-long explanation on this!”

But then they explain the down side of the product. Like what happens when it gets wet. Or a certain feature it just doesn’t have. That then just gives you second thoughts on not buying it. And then at the end of the whole thing they’ll ask if you want to buy it. Most people will just say “I’ll think about it.”
Oh man. I can’t tell you how many times I heard my dad say that one.

Now if you’re a business person and you have half a brain, you’d know that whenever someone says that, there’s a 99% chance that they don’t want the product and they’re just politely trying to say “I changed my mind, I don’t want to buy this anymore” I don’t even know if it’s that polite to say that. I guess it just sounds 10× better than saying “I don’t want the product!!!”

But the most annoying thing [as the customer] is when you finally get away from these business people but they stick around and watch you to see if you actually buy the product. You can’t tell what they’re thinking and it’s also super creepy. If I were ever in that situation, I’d just grab the product, get the heck away from there, and just put it on top of the rack by the check-out lines where they sell comic books and candy bars. Just so the business person doesn’t think you’re some ungrateful jerk or something.

This Saturday, I have to go to the cemetary and I’m really not looking forward to that.

I know going to the cemetery is thing you gotta do, but I just don’t see the point. And when you give a person flowers, someone who works at the cemetery is just going to come along and throw them away. And at the cemetary my family goes to, there are people buried there who died in the 40s. And I don’t think people even go to those graves.

I’ve always wondered what was going to happen when they run out of space to bury people. It’s going to happen one day and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It might even happen before I die. Then what? Are they gonna bury people in trees? Or maybe in caves. I just can`t imagine that happening. They might have to have funerals in the jungle. Just hope the ceremony doesn`t get disrupted by apes. That would be bad

A few weeks ago before Easter, me and my family were at the Washington Square Mall in Oregon, and they had one of those places where little kids can get their picture taken with “The Easter Bunny” (XT-SZcOXQi)

I really don’t think it’s a good idea for people to tell their kids that there’s such thing as Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny, because in the end, all it’s going to do is get them angry at you. I know I wish my parents didn’t tell me that stuff. I remember during the holidays, my mom would get me put presents under the Christmas tree that she’d just finished wrapping. So one time when I was nine, my mom had just wrapped four presents and she told me to put them under the tree for her. Then I saw the tags. One present was for me and the other 3 were for my 3 younger sisters (1 for each of them) and they were all “FROM SANTA”. 

When I saw that Easter bunny thing at the mall, all it did was annoy me. Those Santa Claus things are pretty dumb, but I think getting pictures with the Easter bunny is going too far.

I’m one of those people that just isn’t good at math. Math really isn’t my thing. Once I saw that calculators can’t do algebra for you, I knew I was screwed.

I really hate formulas as well. I used to think that the “Order of Operations” was something brain surgeons did in the medical room. And when my math teacher was explaining the formula on finding the area of a circle. He said the formula was πr². I got really confused and told him that pies are round; not squared. I also told him he should just go over to Safeway and see for himself if he didn’t believe me. And also a radius, I thought that was root vegetable people put in salads. And we were studying triangles, we had to learn about scalenes.

Oh my lord. I had no idea scalene wasn’t a disease that fish got in their scales.

My cousin broke his arm last week and yesterday he came to my house with his arm in a sling.

I never really understood how putting your broken arm in a sling “helps” you. I honestly don’t understand how tieing a string around your neck and using it to hold your arm up horizontally heals your arm over time. I also don’t understand how doing that doesn’t choke you to death.

I asked my cousin how he broke his arm and he told me he fell. So I asked him how, “Did you fall out of a tree?” and he tells me “No, I was skateboarding in the park and I went on one of those big ramps, did a sommersault off of it, but as I was landing, I missed the platform.”

Apparently his arm is in critical condition right now and he has to get surgery done on it in a couple days. That’s another thing I never understood: How do bones heal when they break? How do they just reconnect after time? My opinion is that THEY DON’T. I think when bones break, they’re permanently messed up forever. Doctors have to do their best to trick people into thinking that bones heal.

First they knock out the patient, then they get out their trusty electric chainsaw, cut open the area with the broken bone, and then just put the bone back together using superglue that they got at Home Depot. And after that all they have to do is melt the skin back together with a laser beam. And then they cash their paycheck.